15th - 17th December 2018

    Expo Centre - Karachi - Pakistan
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As a medium-sized company, MXM Exhibitions Organizers began its operations by starting with export-oriented International Trade Exhibitions in the Middle East & Africa. Since then, it has been organizing annual trade fairs in various countries within the region itself. Apart from that, MXM Exhibitions Organizers has presented several other events in emerging markets such as the CIS, Australia, Latin America & India.
Main factors that have contributed to our growth have been many, but to share a few important ones with you readers will be: Courage is Destiny. Not afraid of consequences, we have taken all the risks that came our way. Middle East & Africa were not easy to start with. Disorganization, Corruption, lack of facilities and what not. But falling and rising, we kept going with faith only in ourselves. Seeing beyond what exists. We research and venture into new markets, provide extra services and support to our clientele. For us, it's not just about providing a booth. We try hard in ensuring that exhibitors return with high business prospects and for that we go a long way into market research, focused promotions, database collection, media partnership and conferences. Vigorous staff training. Each recruitment goes through vital training sessions irrespective of his/her position or department. Apart from the regular training sessions at each unit, MXM Exhibitions organizes a special 10 days residential training course for the managers and team leaders of various departments. The staff, considered more as a family is provided enough training to succeed as a professional for the rest of his life, with or without us. What is taught first and is most important in our training sessions " How to keep happy & be happy ".
Karachi Expo Centre

Karachi Expo Centre
Karachi - Pakistan
     15th - 17th December 2018 10 AM - 06 PM

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Ideal Investment Opportunities for Overseas Entrepreneurs to develop infrastructure
The roads, bhightswasy and motorways all over the Country, specially for Gwadar to Central Asian Republic Countries is another sector for investment on BOT basis. The Government is looking forward for investors to build these on BOT, BLT, BOOT basis. Overseas Enterpreneurs have ideal opportunities to make joint ventures with Pakistani counterparts to invest in these projects on turnkey basis for very lucrative returns.

Gwadar - An investors paradise
The land of Gwadar has its geographical importance, as after the development of the Port it will link the landlocked Central Asian Republics & Afghanistan with the rest of the world. It would also provice an alternate route to countries like China & Russia to directly access many Middle Eastern states. The Government has initiated a number of key projects in Gwadar which would open new vistas for economic development of Balochistan as well as Pakistan. Operation of Gwadar Port has alrady been awarded to Singapore Port Authority for 40 years. Some of th eimporant projects initiated by the Government of Balochistan include construction of New Gwadar Airport, Gwadar-Khuzdar-Ratodero Highway, HIghway, Saidank Copper / Gold Mine, Kutchi Canal, etc. while the Makran Coastal Highway, Gwadar Deep Sea Port & Mirani Dam have already been completed & commissioned.

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