Food & Processing Hospitality & Products Beverages & Technology
Spices & Herbs Hotel & motel Equipment Sweetners & Mixers
Meat and meat products Hotel toiletries Cofee & Tea
Fish and seafood products Tissue & towels Ventilation, air conditioning
Vegetables, fruits and dried fruits Bedding & mattresses Heating technology
Pasta, rice, oils, fats, sugar, tea Soaps & detergents Conveying, Transport
Frozen food Retail Equipment Storage installations
Canned food Restaurant equipment Ingredients and auxiliary materials
Sweets and chocolates Vending machines Juices
Snacks and ice cream Toasters Soft Drinks
Speciality food Juicers Artifial Flavours
Health /organic food Cofee & Tea Refrigeration installations
Processing Machinery Table & Chairs Glasses & Cups
Cold Storage & Refrigeration
Bakery & products Catering equipment Sweets & Candies - Packaging
Flour & mixers Plates & forks Sweets
Biscuits & Equipment Serving trays Candies & Chololates
Sugar - Artificial Colors Beverage dispensers Packaging Equipment
Kettles Serving bowls Packaging Machinery
Refrigeration Disposable catering trays Bottle Filling
Sugar - Artificial Colors Beverage dispensers Packaging Equipment

Foodpack East Africa 2023 International Trade Show on Food & Processing, Beverages & Technology, Bakery, Sweets & Candies, & Packaging etc. So, get circle , to have your presence at Kigali Convention Center, Kigali, Rwanda

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